Awareness workshops

 Once summarised by a company director as “As far as opening gambits go, that’s as good as they get!” these workshops will change the way you view mental health.

 Pete combines highly engaging and effective training methods with his powerful story to really leave the room in no doubt about the challenge we face and what can be achieved by working together.

Because these workshops are tailored to your organisation and its needs, no two are the same but every one of them will leave you feeling passionate about mental health and a little exhausted!

Tip: Many clients start their journey with an awareness workshop with the executives to understand how best to tackle the challenge ahead.

Mental health first aid courses

We ALL have mental health and the state of this changes daily depending on what life throws at us. Just like physical first aiders, you want people on-hand to help when things go wrong.

Whether it’s suffering the overwhelm of stress or a full blown mental health crisis this course equips  people with the skills to handle it and make sure that people get the support they deserve. 

This nationally recognised certification in first aid for mental health has, and will continue to, save lives.


Tip: A ratio fo 1:20 MH first aiders to staff means that you are able to support those who support. Without this your mental health first aiders will likely burn out!

All of Pete’s training can be completed either at the customer site, a booked venue or if necessary via video confrence.