No two organisations are the same, so it would be silly to try and fit everyone into the same pre-packaged solution. We will tailor our services to your needs and combine them to create a complete wellbeing strategy.


Mental Health Workshops

The introduction to my first ever workshop was once summarised by a company director as “As far as opening gambits go, that’s as good as they get!” these workshops will transform the way you view mental health and workplace wellbeing.

This is mental health training that’s tailored specifically to your needs, whether managers, apprentices, construction or finance – no 2 mental health workshops are ever the same.

Pete combines highly engaging and effective training methods with his powerful story to really leave the room in no doubt about the challenge we face and what can be achieved by working together.

Depending on your needs these typically take between 3-4 hours (with breaks!) and can be run either in person or over video call and have plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion – nobody likes being talked at for 4 hours!

Mental Health First Aid

What if everybody in work had someone to turn to for support whenever they needed it?

As a forward thinking organisation you already know that mental health is as important as physical health right? So why wouldn’t you have mental health first aiders in the same way you have physical first aiders?

This course can be run over 1 day in person or 2 days on video call. All delegates are assessed to make sure they feel confident and comfortable in the role and get life-time e-mail support once qualified, so they’re never left out in the lurch.

Awarding the nationally recognised Level 2 (RQF) award in first aid for mental health, this course has, and will continue to, save lives.

Tip: A ratio of 1:15 MH first aiders to staff means that you are able to support those who support. Without this your mental health first aiders will likely burn out!

Advanced Mental Health First Aid

If you’re wanting to create a real, fundamental change in how your organisation views mental health and supports your employees then you want to make sure you support those who support.

Designed for those who deal with staff welfare, this course will equip you with an advanced level of understanding of mental health, how to support people at every level and how to support your mental health first aiders.

Spread over 12 hours – 2 days in-person, 3 days remotely- this course covers more topics and, in more detail, meaning that delegates are equipped to lead the way in workplace wellbeing.

There’s no requirement to complete the mental health first aid course first – all you need is a passion for mental health, a notepad & pen, and several brews!

Successful delegates will be awarded the level 3 (RQF) supervising first aid for mental health.


If you’re picturing someone waltzing into your office and telling you everything, you’re doing wrong in your business then you can stop right there.

That isn’t who I am or how I work.

But this is where the real magic happens and how we take your vision for a happier and healthier workplace and turn into not just a plan but something you can use forever.

We’ll combine my years of experience transforming wellbeing in with your experience, needs and wants and together we’ll create something brilliant.

Among other things we will look at

Getting employee engagement

Ensuring we select the right people for any training

How to create and implement a strategy (that lasts!)

Creating a maximum ROI for your business

So much more

And you might be thinking ‘Pete, that will take months!’, well, you would be amazed at how quickly and effectively we can get these things done.

Not Convinced?

For a company with 500 employees, Investing approximately £80 per employee per year for wellbeing, it is estimated that an initial investment of £40,000 will result in a net return of £347,722 in savings