Resilience reboot workshop

How to stay sane, focused, and well in business, even when the world is falling apart

12th January 2021
12:30pm – 4:30pm

Turn stress into strength

Learn how to not only reduce stress but turn it into fuel to perform at a higher level.

Kick anxiety in the dick

Learn to stop letting anxiety bully you and tell you that you're anything less than amazing

Beat imposter Syndrome

Ever fault like a fraud or like you don't deserve the success? Learn how to quieten that voice

Own your mental health

Learn to spot when you might be struggling and how to jump all over it before it becomes bigger.

Business Owners! Are you sick of always walking that line between 'OK' and breaking down?

Do you want to take control of your mental health?

I speak to so many business owners, and they all tell me the same thing.

They’re struggling with imposter syndrome, a poor work/life balance and crumbling mental health and they’ve had enough. They want a simple way to feel confident in their ability, feel calmer and know how to look after their mental health but they just don’t know how. They’re frustrated as hell too, because no matter what they try, nothing seems to work for them, or they don’t know where to start.

Take my friend Helen for example. 

2 years ago, Helen was a small business owner, married and raising a child. She was working 12 hour days, 5 days a week. She was stressed, felt like a fraud and constantly battled the negative thoughts she was having. She was working evenings and weekends just to keep on top of her workload and never felt like she got to enjoy her time.

Helen wasn’t one to sit around feeling sorry for herself but she didn’t know where to start when it came to sorting it out so she’d often crack open a bottle of wine every night to calm her racing mind.

But guess what?

Nothing seemed to work. No matter what she tried, no matter how hard she worked, she just couldn’t get control of her mental health, she felt like she was spiralling out of control. 

Sure, she managed to calm her mind with coping strategies but even that was temporary and not great for her health in the long term. 

That’s when someone pointed her in my direction to attend one of my mental health awareness workshops and she’s now so glad they did!

To start out with, Helen was a bit suspicious. 

It was understandable since there’s so many ‘experts’ out there who regurgitate from textbooks and get their knowledge from google and she wondered if I was just going to do the same.

Then I explained to her how my workshops are taught using my own lived experience, interactive and teach tools that I’ve used to turn my life around after my mental health crisis. 

Helen identified her experiences with my story and could see that I wasn’t just another faceless corporate trainer, I’d been there and lived it and learnt how to conquer it. 

She agreed to jump on the workshop – WOW what a difference it made!

  • Helen understood why she felt like she did 
  • She learnt to identify when she was struggling
  • She knew what to do about it
  • She learnt to plan her days so she had some time to relax and enjoy with her family.

If Helen’s story sounds familiar to you then keep reading, cause now I want to tell you about the same thing I told her. 

Let me introduce you to my Resilience Reboot workshop – How to stay in control of your mind and your business

This is a 4 hour powerhouse live workshop presented live.

When you take this workshop you will:

  • Learn to understand your own mental health better
  • Know what you can do to stop yourself spiralling
  • Where you can get 24/7 support if you ever need it 
  • Learn how kick your imposter syndrome out 
  • Get a better work/life balance
  • Manage your workload like a pro 
  • Keep your stress levels down

Learn to do all of this for just £70!

That’s over 3 hours of absolute solid gold content that you can implement today for less than the cost of a night out.

Who even is Pete white?

Why me?

You might be wondering why you should even listen to anything I have to say, which would be completely fair. 
So let me start by saying this:
I honestly never expected to be doing this.
But life has undeniably led me down this path. 
You see, in 2016 I was diagnosed with severe post traumatic stress disorder and depression. I was suicidal and even psychotic – which means I began to lose touch with reality. 
I only received this diagnosis after 4 years of suffering previously and even after I was diagnosed, I was seriously unwell for a further year. 
Through those years, I went through the very worst of what mental illness has to offer.
  • I felt like a burden to my loved ones
  • I saw no purpose in living
  • I felt completely numb to the world
  • I felt no hope, happiness or self worth
It was only after a load of medication and various therapies that I found enough of myself to have a a massive realization
“I’m responsible for my own life – if I want it to be a good life, I need to act now!”

Once I’d gained enough strength, I set out on a journey of personal growth. Over the years I’ve read 100+ books and studies on:
  • Mental health
  • Good personal habits
  • Time management
  • Business
  • Success
But that’s not it. 
I took what I learnt first hand through my journey and began to study everything I could about mental health. 
What? Why? Who? When? How?
I began to tell my story to whoever would listen (sometimes maybe a little too much!)
I published my book in April 2019. It told my story of a mental health crisis with brutal honesty. It quickly rose to the top of the Amazon charts.
The more people heard about my story, the more people told me about their incredible stories. The sheer level of openness, vulnerability and honesty was incredible. 
I realized that there are SO MANY people who are suffering in silence or just not able to get the support they deserve. I also heard of people suffering discrimination and bullying – The same type that I experienced when I was in the military.
I knew that I could do something about this so I made it my mission to change the way we view and tackle the whole issue of mental health. 
I gained my teaching qualification and learnt to become a mental health trainer.
To date I have:
  • Spoken in front of and taught thousands of people.
  • Developed a mental health awareness course used by the NHS
  • Spoken on BBC radio about my story 
  • Been directly involved in 15+ suicidal interventions (stopping people from ending their life)
It’s probably safe to say that for over a decade, I have lived and breathed mental health and my passion is passing that on to others,


Right now, you’re probably thinking, “yeah this sounds ok, but how do I really know Pete isn’t just the same as all the other shady rip off merchants? Maybe they’re just out to grab my hard earned cash and do a runner”
And that’s absolutely cool. I get you. There ARE far too many dodgy deals out there.
So you’re right to have your guard up.


But to put your mind at rest, here’s what my clients just like you have to say about my workshops.

Customers reviews

"Pete's personal experience places him in an extraordinary position. His teaching style (around a difficult and serious subject) of combining humour, examples and great knowledge makes for an outstanding learning experience"
Ops Manager
" I would highly recommend Pete for any work especially his mental health courses. The passion in his delivery is amazing, and his content is pitched at the right quality and level for all to understand. I would highly Recommend Pete to anyone, thanks again Pete."
Managing Director
"Pete was an amazing Trainer. I liked the fact that he uses his experiences to incorporate into this course making it easier for me to understand. Pete was open and honest about things and took all our experiences into account. Pete was very funny and made the the training as enjoyable as possible"

So what’s the cost?


If I had to guess, right now you’re wondering what sort of numbers we’re talking about, so let’s take a look shall we?

With this workshop you will get:
Beating Imposter syndrome –  Value £25
Kick anxiety in the dick –  Value £35
Stress to strength –  Value £35
Manage your mind – Awareness for business owners – Value £70
So that’s a total value of £165
I think you’ll probably agree, that’s reasonable figure for better confidence, less stress, and knowing you can take whatever life throws at you
But, I also know that it might put it slightly out of reach some people, right now. Here’s the thing,  I genuinely want to help as many people as I can with this, so instead of that, why don’t we call it £70?
That’s less than you might spend on a meal out for two.
Imagine how you’d feel if you could have less stress, not live feeling like an imposter and not have to worry of burn out for that little!
But you’ll have to move fast on this, Resilience Reboot will only be available at this price this once before it increases to £90 next time round.

Or how about the VIP deal?

For an extra £50 you will get:
  • A session recording of the workshop
  • 2 PDF’s crammed full of self care, stress control and tie management techniques 
  • A 30 minute strategy call  where we will tackle whatever mental wellbeing issues you’re having together and leave you with a plan on moving forward
That’s over £250 worth of value for just £120!

VIP tickets are limited to just 15 places so don’t hang around!

“But Pete, that’s a lot of money for a workshop”

Let me ask you a something...

How much do you value your health?
How much do you value your business?
What would it cost if you took 3 months off due to illness?
We make time and money available for the things we prioritize – If your work computer died tomorrow, you’d find a way to get one pretty quickly right?

But you are worth infinitely more than a computer and there’s no shop for another you.

So maybe it’s time you started prioritizing yourself.

You owe it to yourself…
You owe it to your family & friends…
You owe it to your business…

…to take the steps to look after your wellbeing and keep yourself going and working at the best level you can.

You’ve got one shot at this life. Don’t spend it stressed, tired, miserable and ill.