If you’re picturing someone waltzing into your office and telling you everything you’re doing wrong in your business then you can stop right there.

That isn’t who I am or how I work.

But this is where the real magic happens and how we take your vision for a happier and healthier workplace and turn into not just a plan but something you can use forever.

We’ll combine my years of experience transforming wellbeing in with your experience, needs and wants and together we’ll create something brilliant.

Among other things we will look at

Getting employee engagement

Ensuring we select the right people for any training

How to create and implement a strategy (that lasts!)

Creating a maximum ROI for your business

So much more

And you might be thinking ‘Pete, that will take months!’, well, you would be amazed at how quickly and effectively we can get these things done.

Not convinced?

For a company with 500 employees, Investing approximately £80 per employee per year for wellbeing, it is estimated that an initial investment of £40,000 will result in a net return of £347,722 in savings

Public Speaking

See Pete speaking about his experiences

At the age of 21 Pete was deployed to Afghanistan for a 4 month period that would change his life forever. Exposed to the horrors of war he would begin a journey that led him to severe depression, PTSD, psychotic episodes and on the verge of ending his life.

After 7 years, and with a lot of treatment and support, Pete found the key to breaking the cycle of his illness and came out the orher side a different person. In 2019 he published his tall-all book ‘From the bottom of the barrel‘ which became an overnight hit.

Shortly after he began working with organisations and individuals all over the UK to change the way we think of mental health and make sure those who need support, have it.

Whether it’s a corporate event, private meeting, or a public seminar; Pete has spoken in over 9 countries, sharing his powerful story to spread the message and break the stigma around mental health.

Whatever the subject matter Pete will always aim to deliver his core message:

1. No matter what you’re going through, you’re not alone
2. However dark it may seem, you will get through this.

"Pete's talk was informal and very engaging, it was an honest account of the effects conflict can have on mental health. Despite the subject matter being very serious, in places even shocking, Pete handles it with humour. We often hear about PTSD affecting the forces, who risk their lives. We don't however encounter stories about its potential to destroy lives of those in the military who support our frontline troops, years after the experience. It caused me question my previous opinions and preconceptions and stayed with me for days after. Pete has a larger than life presence, he talks about his experiences openly, without holding anything back and yet succeeds in doing this without a trace of self-pity and with a lightness of touch. The talk left the audience with a sense of optimism and ways to solve problems which seemed unsolvable at the start. Pete's presentation was enjoyed by the veterans and professionals supporting our military personnel who attended the talk, however I feel that it would also benefit a much wider audience without military experience as issues of mental health affect all of us, most of the time."

Ella Warburton,

Armed Forced Covenant Project worker