It’s with great pleasure that I can finally announce that Pete white Consulting has been awarded the Most Trusted Workplace Wellbeing Training Provider 2021 award by the UK Enterprise Awards Sponsored by SME news!

Since I first started the company in 2019 in the car park of my previous employer the company has come such a long way. Those early days felt like I was fumbling around in the dark and whilst I had so many great ideas and valuable skills & experience to share, I never quite knew how to turn that into a business. 
I thought maybe I should start small and only approached smaller companies, however, it was the big (scary) companies who approached me, including the NHS and Lyreco that really catapulted us and it hasn’t really stopped since. Since then we’ve grown into a small but close team and what we offer as a business has grown massively.

One thing was always for sure though, its always been about the people, not positions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the CEO or a new apprentice, we treat everyone with the same respect, humour and humility. When we do what we do, don’t do it as some cardboard cut-out corporate suit, simply put, we’re just us!

Every single member of the team has their own experience with mental health and we always encourage each other to bring that to the fore as that not only makes it more relatable but also makes our work more powerful.

I believe we got to where we are today because we hate boxes what I mean by that is:
We don’t just aim to do tick box training because it simply doesn’t work
We don’t try to fit our clients into pre-built packages because every organisation is different. 
We’re all incredibly proud to receive this award and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and our clients!