Are you a HR professional with an interest in mental health?

"Good mental health creates great business wealth"

Transforming corporate mental health without the boring corporate speak

Mental health trainer, Speaker, Consultant and Author

What can Pete do for us?

Together we’ll make sure your organisation is equipped to support the mental wellbeing of your staff meaning a better place to work and better profits.

How does it work?

Starting with a bespoke strategy based on the needs of your organisation. Then using training, workshops and consulting we’ll create the change you want to see.

Where does Pete work?

I work all over the UK and can deliver either in person at your place or work or a training center or even online if necessary

Who has pete worked with?

I’ve worked with some incredible clients over the years. Ranging from the NHS to stationery suppliers. Click here to see my client testimonials

Why do we even need this?

1 %

Of people will suffer mental health issues during their lives

1 %

Year on year increase of days off taken due to poor mental health 

£ 1 Bn

The cost of poor mental health to the UK economy

Why Me?

There are a lot of mental health trainers out there, so what makes me special?
What I do has literally saved lives, I’ve seen this first hand. I have lived through the crushing reality of mental illness, experienced workplace discrimination & bullying and I know what it feels like to sit at a desk, surrounded by colleagues and yet feel completely alone, so I’m incredibly passionate about making sure that people have access to the support they deserve.

Also, I’m not just a trainer. I combine formal accredited training, 1-1 consulting and public speaking to give you an all round experience. I’m not about corporate box ticking or the train and dash style you see so often, I don’t stand at the front in a grey suit giving the same presentation that’s been done hundreds of time before. 

Every workplace is unique and has their own needs so a pre-packaged solution isn’t always the most helpful option and having someone who has lived is the difference between a room full of people waiting to go home and a room full of people engaged, learning and absorbing life changing stuff.


A few of my awesome clients